What is CTET Exam

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CTET is an exam that is very important for each candidate who wants to become
a teacher and this exam is conducted by CBSE.

Any candidate who has completed JBT/DIET/B.EL.ED./B.ED. etc. is second year in
JBT/DIET/B.EL.ED that all candidates can take this exam . Some students are
confused that students who are in the second year of JBT/DIET/B.EL.ED etc. and
pass their CTET exam then they are considered eligible for the job yes or not So
those candidate should know that if you have passed the CTET examination while
studying in the second year, then you will be fully eligible to become a teacher.

CTET examination is conducted on  2 Levels

Level I

Level II 

  • Level I  :- is for JBT/B.EL.ED/DIET students who want to become PRT(I to V) teacher. 
  • Level II :- is for B.ED students who wants to become TGT(VI to X) teacher .


Exam Pattern:-  Both levels have different exam pattern 

Level I includes 5 subjects and each subject contains 30 marks. And also it consists of 15 marks pedagogy and 15 marks content.

Hindi          – 30

English      – 30

Child development – 30

Maths       – 30

E.V.S         – 30

TOTAL        150 Marks

Level II have 2 categories for Science students and for Arts & Commerce students.

For science students And also it consists of 15 marks pedagogy and 15 marks content But the Social studies consists of 20 marks pedagogy and 40 marks content

Hindi – 30                     

English – 30

Child dev – 30

Maths – 30

Science – 30

Total -150Marks


For Arts & commerce students

Hindi – 30

English – 30

Child dev – 30

Social studies- 60

Total – 150 Marks

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